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"From a size 22 to size 6, I lost 103 pounds. Because of the changes these products helped me make, I have a positive image of myself and great self esteem. Now I am able to do things I never before could."
Darla Schneider

"Thanks to EFL my wife and I maintained a high level of energy and stamina on our 73 day backpacking trip across 11 different European countries. The best part is that EFL hardly took up any room!"
Matt and Jessica Bun n

"I was training for a Mixed Martial Arts fight and needed to cut my weight. When I started taking the ProTrim, ProTec and EFL together I was approximately 180 lbs and 21% body fat. After about a week of taking the products I felt my energy levels stayed very high, which was good considering the difficulty of training I was enduring everyday. With the proper diet, training and supplements from Peoplesway I went from 180 lbs and 21% body fat to 160 lbs and 13% body fat. I definitely enjoy the healthy feeling and energy I get from the products and I will continue to use them on a daily basis. I feel that with the proper diet, exercise and supplementation through ProTec, ProTrim and EFL other people can achieve the same results I did."
Kelly A. Gervais, Canada

EFL has given me the advantage in my sport because of increased energy levels, stamina, and mental focus it gives me during my two to three hour motocross races. With EFL I am not nearly as sore as I used to be and afterwards I feel great. Not only has it helped me but my 3 boys and wife love it.
Rod Provost, North Carolina

Before when I went to the gym without talking the EFL I could run 30 to 35 minutes at a three quarter pace and be winded after. When I take the EFL I can run for 50 minutes strong and I feel fine afterwards. I felt strong and not as thirsty after the run.
Keaton Pascoe, Saskatchewan Canada

While I was running I felt more awake than I usually would and I felt more energized. I even ran about two and a half kilometers more than I normally would and I couple hours after my run I felt an extra bounce in my step.
Danielle Stevenson, Canada

I drink a half a bottle of water mixed with the EFL. I feel like I am flying through the machines, energized, alert, and focused like you canít imagine. I have a great workout and can not believe how quickly the workout is over.
Lucretia Hughes, Saskatchewan Canada

7 Year Old Feels More Confident Playing Hockey
When I asked our 7 year old son about how he felt after drinking the EFL before and during a hockey game he said; and I quote: I feel faster, quicker and more confident and I was able to really go for it today because I wasn't tired.
Ranchelle Alexander, Camrose Canada

Mom, Son and Daughter Get A Kick Out of EFL
Jaylan (age 8) loves it because it tastes great and gives him energy. Jaylan noticed a change within himself right away and drinking the EFL became a routine every karate class.

Cassandra (age 15) likes the citrus taste and the energy it gives her for karate. She likes it for the focus it gives her at school for tests and helps her to pay attention in class.

I noticed clarity in my thoughts and focus for my daily routines. I suffer from regular headaches and when I feel a headache starting and I drink the EFL , the headache usually never comes to fruition. I take the drink with me when I have to drive long distances to keep me alert on the road. My energy level is up and I feel great. And I love the taste!
Jaedean Mitchell, Canada

I love the EFL! It is a great energy boost for me without highs and lows. I feel much more alert after drinking the EFL. I injured my shoulder and it seems to help that also. I have drank it with water, different juices and Diet Green Tea and it is delicious
Phyllis Johnston, North Carolina

When we were introduced to this product we thought it would be a short boost in energy but 8 hours later we still felt naturally energized.
Lucy & Gregory Williams, North Carolina

Drinking EFL has been my survival kit during the school day. At 10:00 o'clock I mix a drink of EFL up to get me through to lunch time. Then after I put the children on the bus at 3:15 I get an EFL and it gets me to supper time. On the weekend EFL is a must for me because of not having a structured schedule. I found EFL gives me the energy and great feeling for the day with out any sudden drop of energy.
Jane Snyder, North Carolina

With the EFL, I noticed that my attention was very good. I was able to listen without my mind wandering. I also noticed that after a conference I attended, several of us went golfing. We played eighteen holes and I found that I had lots of energy. Usually for us, golfing is a whole day event so to have energy after sitting in a conference session was amazing!
Charlotte McLeay, Canada

Oil of Mink

I love mink oil, I have rosacea and it has helped already and I've only been using for 3 weeks! I use it on my face on wrinkles also.
Jan Rasmussen, Mesa, AZ

The Oil of Mink is great for putting moisture back in to my skin. I mix a little with water in a spritz bottle and spray my body when I get out of the shower and just let it dry natural. I also use it on my legs before shaving.
Phyllis Johnston, Charlotte, NC

At age 79, my skin is not crepe, and has a moist, fresh appearance. I enjoy being mistaken for a much younger woman, and my comment is always-"it's a result of regular use of my product"- and that always opens the door for further information. [It also is] wonderful for soothing & healing gums after local anesthetic and other dental procedures as well as canker sores and cold sores, sunburned and dry lips.
Betty Schmidt, Saskatoon, SK

I use the Oil of Mink on my face everyday and don't have to wear foundation. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
Vanessa Wilkes, Carthage, NC

Being a diabetic makes the skin look darker and dryer. But since using Oil of Mink, it has evened out my skin tone. All of my friends have started asking me what I'm doing to my skin to make it look so good.
Emma Alexander, Boydton, VA

I developed Eczema in my early teens and had little to no relief for many years. Doctor's medications seemed to only irritate my skin more and increase the redness. After being introduced to the Oil of Mink, I have confidence in my looks, no redness or blotching and a much more youthful appearance. The Oil of Mink causes no irritation because it is colorless and odorless so I could apply it directly on the rashes and it does not leave my skin oily or greasy.
Lucy Williams, Durham, NC

Oil of Mink is the best. I use it on my nails to condition them. The oil does not sit on top but penetrates right through. I had hurt my nail beds from acrylic nails and they were bruised and hurting. I used it on the nails and in 2 days the bruising and pain was gone. My own nails rarely break now because they aren't brittle any more.
Penny Neufeld, Saskatoon, SK


[PROTEC] Keeps my body functioning at its best. I love how the Protec gives me a boost when I still have things to do. It helps my sore joints feel better when I work in the yard or garden. Helps my immune system stay health and therefore I have less problems with allergies and sinus infection.
Phyllis Johnston, Charlotte, NC

My immune system has strengthened. I haven't had the flu or a serious cold for many years. When I've been exposed I increase my dose to 4or 6 and it doesn't get me down. My mind is at ease, knowing I'm protected from free radical damage, and that I've chosen "HEALTHY AGING!"
Betty Schmidt, Saskatoon, SK

When I started to use the ProTec I was concerned that it would make my high blood pressure go up. After using it for about two weeks I have reduced my pills to one a day instead of two a day. I also have more energy.
Emma Alexander, Boydton, VA

Since using the Protec I have less back and neck flare ups with inflammation and pain. I used to get up in the morning and my feet would really hurt. This is completely gone.
Penny Neufeld, Saskatoon, SK

In 2001 is when I found out I had pockets on my colon and I had to watch what I eat. Seeds, lettuce and there is other things I couldn't eat. With this problem I also had problems with sleeping I looked tired all the time. A friend told me about this product, (PRO-TEC) I thought I would give it a try to see if it would work for me. In 2006 I had a test done; the GI doctor took a look at my colon. He stated this is best I've seen your colon in years! He told me to continue doing and taking what I was taking.
Donnita Bibbs, Junction City, KS

Since using the PROTEC, I have noticed that I have not had the seasonal allergies that I usually suffer from. I like to work-out and I have notice that I have a quicker recovery time after I work-out, the soreness dose not last as long as it use to. It's just amazing!
Robert B., Junction City, KS


Pro-Trim has helped me to lose 132 pounds. To achieve this goal I have made positive lifestyle changes. I take Pro-Trim on a daily basis. It has increased my energy level and this has allowed me to exercise on a daily basis. Also I am making healthier choices in my diet and controlling portion sizes. I am delighted that I have found Pro-Trim and I know it will allow me to continue to lose weight and maintain my goal weight. Thank you Peoplesway.
Cindy Abraham, Alberta CN

I weighed 317 pounds and four days later, I had lost 8 pounds. A week later, I went to the doctor and I had lost 12 pounds and multiple inches around my waist. Then I weighed 283 pounds and felt great. I continued until I lost 118 pounds and I'm still losing. My doctor, friends and neighbors have seen me melt away right before their eyes. This is the best weight loss product I have ever used. Thank you Sandy Hosey for introducing me to ProTrim. Without it I would still be 317 pounds plus. Today I am full of energy and full of hope for the future. I am a NEW WOMAN!!!
L. Wallace, Charlotte NC

Since taking the Pro-Trim I have no food cravings and less appetite so I eat less.
Elaine LaRochelle, Zenon Park, SK

Twenty years ago I developed hyperthyroidism and the doctor radiated my thyroid out. Therefore, I have no metabolism and my energy level is very low. I could not live without this product, as it is my energy source as my body tells me when it is l0 a.m. and 3 p.m. I can feel my body powering up. I have found that my clothes are getting baggy on me which means I can go shopping - what a shame.
Carol Case, Edmonton, AB

After being on the Pro-Trim for six to ten days, I noticed that my clothes felt loose around the waist. I use to eat almost a bag of chips at night for a snack but the bag lasted almost a week. I also noticed that my blood sugar is regulated and not up and down. I also have more energy.
Emma Alexander, Boydton, VA

I went from a size 14 to a size 10 but lost no pounds on the scale. I take 3 ProTrim a day. I also [use PROTRIM], to regulate my bowels and help my stomach feel better.
Ina Nykiforuk Saskatoon, SK


I have a friend who has some health issues with her heart and takes several medications so she only wanted to try the Pro HM because she had sleeping and general not- feeling-so-well problems. After 3 days on the Pro HM, she was feeling better. Also because she took so many medications, her urine was always cloudy and in the 3-day time frame, her urine became clear and has been clear ever since.
Lee Schenk, Apache Junction, AZ

When I went into menopause, age 42, I refused HRT because my Mom and Dad had both passed away from cancer; if I took HRT that would give me cancer. Consequently the Doctor put me on testosterone to combat the hot flashes and was on it for over 20 years. When Pro-HM was introduced to me, I was very surprised how well I felt. I do not have any of the menopausal symptoms and feel like I am 40 again. I recommend it to all women.
Carol Case, Edmonton, AB

Thank you Peoplesway for the Pro-HM. I am basically a healthy person and I do not take any medications. My doctor was so amazed that I am going through menopause without any of the prescribed HRT replacement medicines. It gives me calmness even when I'm in very stressful situations. I also noticed that applying it to my shoulders helped to relieve some bursitis.
Lucy Williams, Durham, NC

It is great to know that when you go to bed at night you are going to be able to fall asleep before 2 or 3 am. Pro HM has done that for me. It took about 3 weeks but when I went to bed at 10:30PM and woke up at 6:00 AM I couldn't believe it. What a product! It has also helped with the hot flashes and feeling better.
Ruth Jones, Regina, SK

I used to get hot flashes and night sweats and I rarely get them now. I used to feel depressed and lacked motivation for life. I now feel great and have energy.
Ina Nykiforuk Saskatoon, SK


Peoplesway has done a wonderful thing with this product, being African American I know about the higher statistics of African American male and prostate problems. When I first started using it the first thing I noticed was the great nights sleep I got from it, after using it the first night! I have slept better every night since I wake up more refreshed and my mind is clearer. Thanks Peoplesway!
Robert B., Junction City, KS

My husband had been experiencing the grumpy old man syndrome starting shortly after his 40th Birthday. He would snap at the kids or me and not know that he was doing it. He would be calm 30 minutes after having a fit over nothing. I was excited about what the product could do for him. About three weeks of using the cream I asked him if he felt any different. He said he felt calmer and he could handle the stress at work better. He also added that the other employees had also noticed a difference in his temperament. Wow.
Diane Wiley-Pascoe, Saskatoon, SK

Pro-GCM/Pro-GCM Plus

The Pro-GCM Plus eased the pain after my knee replacement so I could go to sleep
David Alexander North Battleford, SK

I use PRO-GCM plus on my neck and back when I get pain and within minutes the pain is gone. I love this product and the fact that it addresses inflammation and I don't have to take painkillers that can hurt your liver and kidneys.
Penny Neufeld, Saskatoon, SK

My knee is really sore and one application of Pro-GCM Plus and the surface pain dissipated almost on contact.
Shirley Martin, Calgary, AB

I have rotator cuff and neck stiffness when the weather changes. I put the PROGCM+ on and in a very short time the pain is gone. I can function the whole day without discomfort. Fantastic product, I would be without it.
Carol Case, Edmonton, AB

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